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Pro-Test Well Services
ISO 9001 and AS 4801 certificates

Pro-Test Pty Ltd
36 Parker Street
Drayton, Toowoomba QLD 4350
ABN 22 134 641 240

P +61 7 4614 0166
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ISO 9001 and AS 4801 certificates


Australian – Accredited – Committed

Pro-Test are proud to be associated with D&L Oil Tools for the supply of their Product Lines.

D&L Oil Tools are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with 10 acres and 80,000 square feet in manufacturing space.

Pro-Test and D&L Oil Tools offer our customers high quality affordable equipment with on time deliveries.

Both companies are driving to meeting customer needs and are willing to work with customers for custom designs.

Please click here for the complete D&L Sales Catalog, or view each part of the catalog separately below. (NOTE: The full catalog is 14 MB.)

If you do not have the Adobe Reader Version 9 (or newer) on your computer, please download and install the FREE software allowing you to view the PDF files.

Mechanical Set Packers [View PDF]

ASI-X Packer
VSI-X Packer
AS-II Packer
AS-III Packer
AS-5 Packer
Snapset I Packer
Snapset II Packer
DLT Thermal Packer
IE Thermal Packer
TM Anchor/Catcher
Drag Block Tubing Anchor/Catcher
Casing Packer
D-H Tension Packer
DL Tension & DL Shear Tension Packer
GV Cup Packer
Gas Vent Pumping Packer
GV-6 Isolation Packer System
Retrievable Seal Bore Packer - Single Bore
Retrievable Seal Bore Packer - Dual Bore
Retrievable Seal Bore Packer - Setting Adapter & Retrieving Tool
Type DL-IB Tandem Tension Packer
Set Down Isolation Packer
Jettset Packer

Hydraulic Set Packers [View PDF]

DLH Packer
Hydroset II Packer
Hydroset IV Packer
Hydraulic Tubing Anchor
Permapak Hydraulic Isolation Packer

Permanent Packers [View PDF]

Permapak Seal Bore Packer
Permapak Accessories
Hydraulic Permapak
Permapak Setting Equipment

Service Tools [View PDF]

Type T Squeeze Packer
SC Tension Unloader
Compression Unloader
AS Retrievable Bridge Plug
Spring Loaded Retrieving Tool
HD Retrievable Packer
Type C Perforation Wash Tool
HD Abandonment Packer
Abandonment Valve
Abandonment Packer Accessories
Model H Hydraulic Setting Tool
LC Hydraulic Setting Tool
Cement Retainer & CR Bridge Plug
CIW Bridge Plug
DLT Retrievable Packer
V-III Unloader
Bumper Sub
RR Safety Joints
Axial Installation HD Packer

Tool Accessories [View PDF]

DT-2 On/Off Tool
Profile Nipples
Bit Release Joint
Safety Joints - Shear, Rotational, & Swivel Shear
Pump-Out Plug
Downhole Tubing/Casing Swivel
Retrievable Cross Flow Assembly
Expansion Joints
Pump-Out Cementing Sleeve
Type E Valve

Additional Tools

Abandonment Packer (ASI-X Design)
DL-CS Anchor
Storm Valve
WPB Bridge Plug