Pro-Test’s mission is to deliver high quality services for our clients, whilst ensuring our business continues to develop, and meet the demands of the coal seam gas industry all while maintaining safe operations. We strive to meet personal goals, exceed expectations and adapt to an every-evolving global environment.

We’re in it for good.

What sets us apart...

Continuous improvement and introspection are encouraged within the Pro-Test team. We are always looking for opportunities to evolve, grow and exceed expectations.

The things we value the most...

  • Culture – we have a real mateship culture throughout our team

  • Accountability – Growing is how we learn. Owning successes and slip-ups is a major part of our success

  • Community – we believe in fostering a community spirit, and supporting the ones around us

  • Authenticity – What you see is what you get. Transparency is a part of what makes Pro-Test so successful

  • Creativity – we like to think outside of the box. Lateral thinking is the first step to innovation