Pro-Test is an Australian Oilfield Service Company founded by Ewan McDonald in 2009. The company works alongside renowned oilfield manufacturing companies to provide products and services across Australia and internationally covering Well Testing, Completions, Data Acquisition, and Production Technology business units.

Over the years, Pro-Test’s reputation has grown across the Australian onshore Oil & Gas market, specifically in the Coal Seam Gas market delivering products and services to key operationg companies such as Arrow Energy, Origin Energy, Shell/QGC, Santos Ltd, Senex Energy, Westside Corporations and others. Our growth through the years can be attributed to our dedicated and results-driven employees.

Our corporate headquarters is based in Brisbane, QLD which fields our key staff and management personnel providing operational, commercial, and technical engineering information and support to operating companies.

Pro-Test’s operational base is located in Toowoomba, QLD and acts as a base for our field staff and other key support services. The facility is over 4000sqm and is fully equipped with servicing and testing capabilities allowing our staff to perform full service and redress of our equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

In addition to our Brisbane and Toowoomba locations, we also have a satellite customer services office located in Adelaide, SA. Pro-Test’s office locations and 24/7 operation and technical support capabilities means we can respond promptly and sufficiently to the needs of our clients.

Pro-Test is continuously looking at ways to diversify and provide innovative solutions and new technology to our clients, differentiating us from our competitors. Our qualified personnel with extensive experience and drive has enabled us to move into the mining, civil and hydro sectors more recently.

Pro-Test’s story is still being written and we invite you to follow our journey via Linkedin or getting in touch with our team.